Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shelter Visit

Went to the shelter today on my way to teach a training class. Always an "experience" for me. There were alot of cats, many older ones in need of a good home. The shelter is impressive and very modern, with real life rooms and lots of cubbies for the animals to sleep in and ladders to climb. They had a few kittens which were well attended but my heart ached for some of the old guys who just wanted to be owned by someone.

The dogs were plentiful too. Many highly aroused and worried with all the people peeking at them. The one that broke my heart was a pitbull mix who had lost her home because she played too roughly with the other dog she lived with. She was curled up in a ball and I couldn't help thinking if she wondered how she got here and where her family had gone. Sad, sad, sad....
Then there was the elderly dachshund whose housemate had been adopted and was left behind. What must she be thinking ???

Must be in a sensitive mood today, but I don't and can't walk through the shelter for this very reason. Even though some of the stories end happily I understand dogs too much to ignore what is being said in their eyes.........

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